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                Warmly Celebrate the Housewarming of Our Company

                Time: 2014-9-9
                         In this golden autumn and everything looks fresh and gay. For Rudong Qianjin Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., today is a day to be memorable and worthy celebrating, and we feel very excited.  Through the positive efforts of all staff,  our company will be move to a new address today.

                        With the continuous development of business of our company, The old workplace has not adapt to the new changes. So we will enter the new address" No.69 Haisheng Road,Yangkou Town,Rudong County " at eight past eighteen, Sep. 9,2014. On the new adress, more advanced production equipment, more modern office conditions and more advanced office equipment will be offer to us. We are committed to the goal of "the best quality products", we will always adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “Honesty, innovation, excellent service, and sustainable development”, and we will always adhere to the service principle of "all for customers" ,  we will warmly service for the broad customer. It is a celebrated event of the housewarming for our company.

                        The great developments of our company depended on the supports of the large lately old customers.  I express our heartfelt thanks on behalf of all staff of our company ,and I hope you can support us work as usual.The new office environment will bring us a new face of the enterprise. " Rudong Qianjin Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd." will be full of enthusiasm and sincere service and will provide first-class services for the large lately old customer!

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