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                Sale Net
                Products Show
                ZTQ Series of Combinning Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Drilling Pipe Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Hydraulic Suspender
                TQ Series of Casing Power Tongs
                TQ/TB Series of Casing Combination Tong
                GYM Series of Hydraulic Cathead
                XYM Series of Hydraulic Winches Cathead
                YZB Series of Hydraulic Power Station
                FYZB Series Air-cooled Hydraulic Power S
                CMN Series of Gear Motor
                FM Series of Air Motor
                XSL Series of Swivels With Spinners

                Notice about the extension of API REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES of our corporation

                Time: 2014-7-4
                The expiration date of our API REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES is June 30,2014.  Because the new certificates hadnt been issued to us , API sent a notice to us to prove that the expiration date of our API REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES  had been extended to September 30, 2014.  Now we attach the notice which is showed as below:

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                Add:No.69 Haisheng Road, Xiegang Village, Yangkou Town,Rudong County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China
                Tel:86-513-84818031       Fax:86-513-84818018
                E-mail:qjsyjx@163.com     Zip:226407