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                Sale Net
                Products Show
                ZTQ Series of Combinning Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Drilling Pipe Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Hydraulic Suspender
                TQ Series of Casing Power Tongs
                TQ/TB Series of Casing Combination Tong
                GYM Series of Hydraulic Cathead
                XYM Series of Hydraulic Winches Cathead
                YZB Series of Hydraulic Power Station
                FYZB Series Air-cooled Hydraulic Power S
                CMN Series of Gear Motor
                FM Series of Air Motor
                XSL Series of Swivels With Spinners
                ·On product technology updates【2015-3-11】
                ·To celebrate the 20 anniversary of the establishment of the company【2015-1-3】
                ·Warmly Celebrate the Housewarming of Our Company【2014-9-9】
                ·Notice about the extension of API REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES of our corporation 【2014-7-4】
                ·our company held a Working Conference on Quality【2011-4-16】
                ·Warmly celebrate the new website of our company is ready now! The new domain name "www.jsrdqj.com" comes into service from now on. 【2010-4-1】
                ·The 4th ore blocks of No.7 Oil Production Company of Daqing city carried out “improving the level of management”activity【2010-3-17】
                ·Wenzhou Yongqiang chemical gas station carried out three steps in Customer Relationship Management【2010-3-17】
                ·OPEC will increase its oil production quotas or in September.【2010-3-17】
                ·The processed oil price will be marked up by 200 yuan/ton or at the end of this month.【2010-3-17】
                ·Sinopec speeds up the development of Southern Crude Oil Reserve Base【2010-3-17】

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