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                Sale Net
                Products Show
                ZTQ Series of Combinning Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Drilling Pipe Power Tongs
                ZQ Series of Hydraulic Suspender
                TQ Series of Casing Power Tongs
                TQ/TB Series of Casing Combination Tong
                GYM Series of Hydraulic Cathead
                XYM Series of Hydraulic Winches Cathead
                YZB Series of Hydraulic Power Station
                FYZB Series Air-cooled Hydraulic Power S
                CMN Series of Gear Motor
                FM Series of Air Motor
                XSL Series of Swivels With Spinners
                Home>> Introduction

                Our corporation is one of the first class drilling accessory supplying network members of CNPC, one of CPMEC network members and one of SINOPEC materials resources market members. It was founded in 1995, and located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta, which is near to Xinyi-Changxing Railway, Nanjing-Qidong Highway, and Nantong Xingren Airport, adjoining Sutong Bridge and Yangkou Harbour, and belonging to the economic development circle locating about 100KM ranging the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai City in the 21st century, so it has excellent location and convenient transportation. 
                          Our corporation has an area of 30,000 m2, including a building area of over 14000m2. Its registered capital is RMB 51 million and 800 thousand. Now there are 158 employees, including three senior engineers, two engineers, and eight technicians. Through continuous technical reconstruction and making persistent efforts, our corporation has been an enterprise who specially manufactures oilfield wellhead drilling tools and accessories. Our products, drill pipe power tongs, casing power tongs, Hydraulic Power Stations, and hydraulic catheads, etc. And their series accessories, have obtained users’ uniform approval and trust after being used in big oilfields.
                          Our corporation persists in the quality of survival, developing new products for development and customers’ satisfaction as its purpose so that it can be continuously and stably developed and expanded in the operation of market economy. There’s excellent, exquisite and complete production and inspection equipment in our corporation. In June, 2008, our corporation has been approved by Quality management system of American Petroleum Institute, and got API QR quality management system certificate and API SPEC 7K Monogram certificate issued by American Petroleum Institute.
                  Our corporation always adheres to the enterprise philosophy of “Honesty, innovation, excellent service, and sustainable development”, management aim of “quality first, reputation first, customer first, and service first-class”, and service principle of “everything for the customers”, and strives to provide good quality products and excellent service for each customer. Treat people with sincerity, unify in good faith, and forge ahead constantly. Employ high-tech talents, and pursue high-tech and good quality products endlessly. Warmly welcome all old and new customers! Look forward to receiving comments and suggestions, and Create Glory!

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